update on life

whether any of you read this or not, i don’t care. tumblr has been a journal of whats happening in my life for quite some long time. and as i only re-gained internet after literally a soild 12 months without it, im updating.

compared to the dull, friends, depressed girl that used to blog, my life has changed dramatically in the last year. i’ve left home and live with my perfect boyfriend whom is the first person i’ve ever loved, and first person i have ever been completely and utterly terrified of losing. i have finished my cert 3 in events planning, and am continuing to study further in this field. i’ve held a steady job doing 25+ hours at week at the well-known hogs breath cafe. and have left every single lying two-faced fuckwit from high school behind. 

so to anyone who might care, i feel fucking blessed that i’ve had the strength and support to make all the changes that i have in the last year. 

thank you mum, dad, matteus & kane. 

i dont know where i’d be, or what id be doing with myself without all your help…

i moved in the photo, but i liked no eye makeup. i think.
18.9.96happy (16th) birthday to meeeeee 
lets start with when i graduated something this year
i’ve become comfortably numb +

| when i have my own house i plan to own 2 pugs, a duck, a frog, and a big fish tank. so i’m never alone.

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